How many file-opens did your marketing deliver today?

By Lawyers for Lawyers, LawDash is the only software
  that saves law firms thousands of dollars every month in marketing waste.
Integrates your tools

Prove marketing spend by connecting all lead sources in one dashboard

Close the loop on your marketing spend and make the right decisions. 

Say goodbye to making knee-jerk marketing decisions

As lawyers we know the most important marketing piece of information is file opens. Everything else is irrelevant.

Connect all lead sources

See lead flow in real-time

Start making better decisions

The 7 Reasons

Reasons your law firm needs LawDash

Track Every Lead

Track File Opens

See All Lead Channels

East to Understand

Make Better Decisions

Improve Marketing ROI

Generate Reports


Why Your Law Firm Needs LawDash

We’ve been helping law firms grow through comprehensive marketing. But until LawDash, we never could identify that one marketing source that drives the best file opens.

Look at all the Features of LawDash

All Leads in One Dashboard

All Leads in One Dashboard

LawDash pulls all your lead data into one easy to understand dashboard.

Connect All Your  LeadSources

Connect All Your LeadSources

Connect all of your lead channels and see how they perform beside each other.

Identify all your File Opens

Identify all your File Opens

No more guess work. Simply mark out those leads that resulted into a file open.

Get Instant Marketing Results

Get Instant Marketing Results

See immediately what lead channels are driving revenue.

Make Better Marketing Decisions

Make Better Marketing Decisions

Put an end to marketing waste and dedicate resources into what drives file opens.

Learn How to Grow your Firm

Learn instant ways that you can turn your law firm marketing around!

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